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DNA polymerases for PCR

Our Q-Taq DNA polymerase is the choice for various routine, everyday PCRs with excellent thermal stability.

In addition, for robust and high yield amplification we offer the Q-Taq7 DNA polymerase an engineered advanced version of the Q-Taq polymerase. Q-Taq7 shows higher tolerance for PCR inhibitors and higher processivity, (faster = shorter PCR cycles). Both polymerases are also available as the Hot-Start Taq polymerases, HS-Taq and HS-Taq7. Taq activity is blocked below 60°C, which prevents non-specific primer amplification resulting in high target amplification specificity due to antibody-mediated Hot-Start PCR. This allows for a convenient PCR reaction setup at room temperature.

Thus, our Hot-Start Taq polymerases provide product specificity and furthermore, HS-Taq7, combines robustness, specificity and high processivity!

For high fidelity applications, i.e. site directed mutagenesis, PCRs with subsequent product sequencing or sequencing itself, our Pfu DNA polymerase may be your perfect solution. Its 3 ́-5 ́proofreading activity avoids misincorporations and guarantees high accuracy.

Double helix

Q-Taq DNA polymerase

  • Q-Taq DNA polymerase
  • HS Q-Taq DNA-polymerase (antibody-blocked)
  • HS A-Taq DNA polymerase (aptamer-blocked)
  • Q-Taq7 DNA polymerase
  • HS Q-Taq7 DNA polymerase (antibody-blocked)
  • HS A-Taq7 DNA polymerase (aptamer-blocked)

Pfu DNA polymerase

  • Pfu DNA polymerase