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Our products for your PCR application

Since its introduction the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has been developed and adopted for a multitude of applications. These include genotyping, cloning, mutation detection, sequencing, clinical diagnostics, microarray and high-throughput PCR, forensic testing, species identification, food testing, agricultural biotechnology and so on.

All these applications depend on PCR suited DNA/RNA polymerases and ready-to-use master mixes with high sensitivity and robust and reliable performance.

All of our products are developed to adhere to this stringent goal.

DNA polymerases for PCR

Our solutions for your everyday PCR

PCR MasterMixes

Convenient and time-saving MasterMixes for conventional PCR

qPCR MasterMixes

Save time with our qPCR MasterMixes

Direct PCR

Run your PCR without DNA purification from plant cells or tissue

Reverse Transcription & One-step RT-qPCR

Combine reverse transcription and qPCR with our one-step RT-qPCR kit