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PCR MasterMixes

Our 2x PCR master mixes are ready-to-use. They contain a thermostable DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, and an optimized buffer. Just add primers, DNA and water. Using a master mix is convenient and reduces the risk of contamination and pipetting errors and saves time. We offer different PCR Master mixes for standard PCR, high throughput applications or high-fidelity PCR. For standard PCR our 2x PCR Master Mix is the right choice or for more convenience the 2x PCR RED Master Mix for direct gel loading after the PCR. If you need a Hot-Start PCR for higher product specificity choose the 2x HotStart PCR Master Mix or the 2x HotStart PCR RED Master Mix. Depending on your primers and PCR settings the Hot-Start mixes may also be suited for multiplex applications. For high fidelity needs take the 2x ProofRead Master Mix.

  • 2x PCR MasterMix
  • 2x PCR RED MasterMix
  • 2x Hotstart PCR MasterMix
  • 2x Hotstart PCR RED MasterMix
  • 2x Proofread MasterMix
PCR tubes